• Start Up Service

    Axee has a lot to offer your startup. Because we specialize in iOS development using Google Cloud for backend services and we have a great track record with deep, real-world experience, we understand the most common pitfalls that entrepreneurs succumb to. We can help individuals or teams with UX/UI designs, overall project architecture and write code for both iOS and backend services.

  • How It Works

    We are on the same team.



    Call or meet with us to discuss your project


    Research & Strategy

    Together, we create a plan with scope and responsibilities to make your project a reality



    As a team, we execute, monitor and tweak the plan to meet your goals

  • Questions


    Right now and tomorrow! Axee will be there for you through all stages of development and help you assess the best way to use your resources to bring your idea to life. Whatever stage of development you’re in and whatever level of technical support you need, we deliver it!

    The cost?

    $1500 a week, flat rate. ***

    How does it work?

    Axee will bill for work agreed to in advance and performed at your direction, at the full rate(s) listed below, depending upon the resources required.

    • Backend development- $200 per hour

    • Front end development (iPhone app)- $200 per hour

    • Architecture with backend or frontend- $300 per hour

    • UI/UX development $200 per hour

    • Project Management- $200 per hour

    • Business Consulting $450 per hour


    Axee style is completely hands-on. We produce top-tier development and steady-handed management that is always coupled to exceptional customer service. We care and we’re responsive.

    But what will it actually cost you?

    Make no mistake, we invoice for the full amount of our work!

    However, no matter the invoice amount, you pay only $1500 per week!

    Post funding balance payment

    When you acquire funding or pass an agreed to revenue/usage threshold, you begin payments to Axee for the balance of the invoices, minus the $1500 per week you've already paid.

    The benefits?

    • Take your idea from concept to working app swiftly and efficiently
    • Enter the funding arena at a minimal cost

    • Fill technical openings necessary to assure project success

    • After funding, meet product development initiatives and milestones

    • When you succeed, we succeed with you

    *** If you do not get funded or the project does not come to fruition, outstanding invoice amounts will be forgiven, with zero liability.