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    iPhone App Development

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    We're an iOS Shop

    We deliver amazing mobile experiences from conception to execution.


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    We've developed an accelerated approach that is transparent, accountable and accessible.


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    No job is too big for us. We specialize in creating heavy-duty, world class apps and we love doing it.


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    We are fast paced and money-conscious so that your idea can come to life!

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  • Testimonials


    I am extremely pleased that we chose Axee as our partner in building the mobile app product family for Digital River World Payments. They provided us speed to market, expertise in mobile app development, and ultimately an industry-leading mobile payments product suite. I can unreservedly recommend Axee and Steve Axelrod for mobile app software development.


    -Ryan Stewart, Senior Product Manager

    During my two year association with Steve, he worked on several different computer systems, including a large mainframe (Burroughs B6700) and minicomputers (Burroughs B876 and Texas Instruments 990). His responsibilities involved numerous complex programming and troubleshooting tasks in several different programming languages. He always produced exceptional results in minimal time. Most amazing was his seemingly inexhaustible energy and remarkably keen mind. He frequently performed difficult tasks so quickly that both his peers and I were amazed.


    -Harold E. Livings, Major USAF


    Your responsiveness to our computer support needs and your programming skills and ingenuity contributed significantly to the success of this year's Survey. In particular, the new programs you developed which compared this year's salary data with last year's data in various ways were of great value, especially in the analysis process. It was a pleasure to have worked with you. Again, I wish to thank you for your excellent contributions to the Survey.


    -George Hansen, Survey Director

  • The Team

    The extraordinary talent that AXEE is built on

    Steve Axelrod

    Steve Axelrod

    Founder, Developer

    As a software consultant with over 20 years of experience, Steve has a successful track record of accomplishments in many ventures. An experienced and intuitive mind allows him to quickly grasp requirements and implement solutions to difficult problems. He finds problems and resolves them before they become delays. Projects are done quickly and completely. He’s worked with numerous languages, including Swift, Objective-C, Java, C, SQL, JSP, XML, Java Script, HTML, Assembly, Basic, Pascal, he can read most computer languages and grasps the language almost immediately. He dropped himself into the mobile arena in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since.

    Stuart Duke

    Stuart Duke

    Project Manager

    Stuart has been an IT project manager and sometimes system administrator for 30 years. From software development to infrastructure deployment, he has worked in various organizations in healthcare, ecommerce, and manufacturing verticals. Stuart began as a consultant and obtained his PMP in 1999 and has held various technical and non-technical certifications over time. His approach to project management is rooted in his boundless curiosity, intuitive nature, and a methodical approach to planning and risk management. Stuart lives in Seattle and enjoys its many natural wonders and loves to be outdoors, camping and hiking, among the verdant forests and majestic mountains of the Pacific North West.

    Eric Webb

    Eric Webb

    Developer, UI/UX

    What began as an outsourced iOS app project soon led Eric to put his career as a chef and restaurateur behind him to focus on his new passion, mobile apps. In short time, he found his natural creativity, ability to pick up new concepts quickly, and passion for creating were a perfect fit for mobile design and development. Nearly four years later, Eric has worked with clients to design and implement mobile solutions on projects ranging from Point-of-Sale systems to Social Media to Software-as-a-Service apps. He loves design as much as coding, coding as much as design, and getting the chance to create new products every day above all.

    Tony LLongueres

    Tony LLongueres


    Tony entered the world of programming when he joined a robotics club in high school. He worked on a coke can retrieving bot, a maze rover and an underwater ROV. He then went on to pursue a computer science degree at the University of Texas. While in school, he got his first taste of mobile application development by joining one of Austin’s first iOS app shops. After school, he joined the world’s largest mobile application consulting company and worked on the bleeding edge of mobile app development. Later, he spent a year starting his first company which analyzed 3D MRIs to detect stroke patients’ eligibility for a life saving drug. Tony is back in mobile development and working at Axee. When he isn’t saving the world with code, Tony enjoys hiking, scuba and exploring new places.

    Rob Johnson

    Rob Johnson

    UI/UX, Developer, Tester

    Rob started programming on a Tandy 1000 EX with the latest issue of Byte magazine by his side. Thirty years and thirty platforms later he's still at it. When desktop applications were interesting, Rob built Visual Basic and Pascal programs. Armed with his 28.8 modem he toiled in Notepad writing HTML, JS and CSS before moving to the comparitively sane world of Adobe Flash and Director. Eventually Rob decided he could find some serenity in the hot server technologies of the day: PHP and .NET. When the iPhone was released he saw a way to properly apply his Computer Science degree. For about nine years Rob has focused on native mobile development on both iOS and Android platforms, but digs in wherever his experience can help.


    When not programming for profit he applies his abilities to endlessly refactoring boring video games that will never ship or figuring out how to cheat at video games.

    Freddy Salinas

    Freddy Salinas


    Freddy took an interest in mobile development while studying Computer Science at the University of Texas. He’s worked with businesses ranging from big tech companies to small start ups making their first application. After graduating, Freddy took a User Experience internship to learn more about what makes an application great. Here he studied everything from user flows to typography. His goal for every application is function, simplicity and aesthetics. Freddy keeps a massive Pinterest board of animations. He’d love to add more to it if you have any to share.