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  • Testimonials


    I am extremely pleased that we chose Axee as our partner in building the mobile app product family for Digital River World Payments. They provided us speed to market, expertise in mobile app development, and ultimately an industry-leading mobile payments product suite. I can unreservedly recommend Axee and Steve Axelrod for mobile app software development.


    -Ryan Stewart, Senior Product Manager

    During my two year association with Steve, he worked on several different computer systems, including a large mainframe (Burroughs B6700) and minicomputers (Burroughs B876 and Texas Instruments 990). His responsibilities involved numerous complex programming and troubleshooting tasks in several different programming languages. He always produced exceptional results in minimal time. Most amazing was his seemingly inexhaustible energy and remarkably keen mind. He frequently performed difficult tasks so quickly that both his peers and I were amazed.


    -Harold E. Livings, Major USAF


    Your responsiveness to our computer support needs and your programming skills and ingenuity contributed significantly to the success of this year's Survey. In particular, the new programs you developed which compared this year's salary data with last year's data in various ways were of great value, especially in the analysis process. It was a pleasure to have worked with you. Again, I wish to thank you for your excellent contributions to the Survey.


    -George Hansen, Survey Director